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Collagen Benefits & Routine Guide

Posted on July 22 2019

Collagen Benefits & Routine Guide

At this point in your skincare journey you’ve probably heard of collagen, but maybe not in the best of terms. Bad lip injections are often the result of too much added collagen, and maybe you’ve resigned this ingredient as something to be managed by plastic surgeons. As it’s started to reappear in topical skincare, it’s time to reevaluate this beauty mainstay.  

What is Collagen? 

Collagen is the main protein in your skin and connective tissues. It’s the glue that holds your skin together, and keeps it looking plump and fresh. In fact, even the word “collagen” comes from the Greek prefix kólla meaning “glue” and the suffix gen meaning “producing.” Combined with luxury ingredients like Rose, Vitamin C, and 24K Gold, collagen can do wonders for your skin. 

How does it work? 

Collagen gives youthful skin its sought after elasticity and firmness. But after you turn 18, you lose collagen by about 1 percent per year. That’s one reason why your skin can wrinkle and droop as you age. Other factors that can contribute to collagen loss include sunlight, smoking and too many sugary foods. But if you use collagen products, you can help counteract some of the environmental and natural causes of collagen loss by using it to build new proteins that help keep your skin pillowy. 

Since collagen also works as an amazing humectant, it’s possible results from incorporating collagen are simply due to increasing moisture levels. The jury’s still out on whether or not our skin can fully absorb the large collagen molecule, but many experimenting with initial treatments have reported seeing great results. There have been very few studies involving topical collagen in skin care, so we don’t know whether it can penetrate the skin’s barrier and work as the miracle building block it is. Other ways to incorporate collagen into your beauty routine is through your diet. Try bone broth or mix in collagen powders for added results.  

But if you’re like us, it certainly doesn’t hurt to incorporate collagen into your daily routine. The ingredient is safe for all skin types, and if it’s proven as effective as it seems to be you’ll be ahead of the game. Check out the guide below to see how you can incorporate collagen into your skincare routine.

Collagen Skincare Routine 


Vitamin C and Collagen Moisturizing Sheet Face Mask

Vitamin C is known to help stimulate collagen production in the skin. Combining Vitamin C and Collagen can help rebuild the elasticity in your skin. Start your day off right with this relaxing face mask. Just leave on for 15-20 minutes and voila! Your skin will thank you.

24K gold helps activate your basal skin cells making it easier for the collagen molecule to be absorbed by your skin. Use this serum to help reduce wrinkles, or as a base for makeup or moisturizer. Just apply and see your skin glow!

Vitamin C and Collagen Cleansing Facial Wipes

Remove all the dirt and grime from your face at the end of the day with these hydrating facial wipes. You don’t even have to rinse!

Rosehip oil, like Vitamin C, can help stimulate collagen production, so using it alongside collagen helps create a great environment for improved elasticity. This eye serum also helps reduce puffiness and smooths wrinkles. It’s perfect to give yourself a treat at the end of the day!

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